Wedding Party

Carolyn Stryczek

Mother of the Bride

Carolyn is the absolute center of Kate's world and #1 on Kate's list of favorite people. She is the best mother a girl could ever ask for and loved by everyone who meets her.

Kevin Stryczek

Father of the Bride

Kevin is Kate's wonderful and supportive father,; strengths include drinking beer, watching Chicago sports teams lose, and going for runs in 100 degree weather. Boiler up!

Mong Hoa Tran

Mother of the Groom

Mong Hoa is a woman with so much love, caring, and fortitude that Stephen didn't need a second parent. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, and avoiding pictures so we had to go back 8 years to find a photo together.

Haley Stryczek

Maid of Honor

Haley is Kate's big sister, best friend, hype woman, fellow dog mom, and extremely gifted hairstylist.

Maxine Sommerer


Maxine is Kate's big sister, a school teacher, and inspiring mother to three extraordinary children.

Elizabeth Hasho


Elizabeth (Dr. Hasho) is Kate's study partner/beach buddy from medical school and a forever friend in New York working as a pediatrician.

Matt Ward

Best Man

An average man to some, and a former Quiz Bowl champion, Matt was the first friend that Stephen ever made. Through the years, these two goofy kindergarteners grew into two goofy adults together.

Loc Tran


Loc is Stephen's older brother, a detective near Atlanta, and in many ways the role model when he had none.

Neil Phillips


Neil is Stephen's (future) brother-in-law, husband to the maid of honor, and a (future) chef.